Mini stereo pojačalo Audac AMP20MK2

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Audac AMP20MK2, mini stereo pojačalo D klase, te snage 2 x 15 W. Za kompaktna, te ekonomična audio rješenja, u obrazovnim i poslovnim prostorima, gdje postoji potreba za manjm zvučničkim sistemima. Kombinacija sa stereo balansiranim linijskim ulazom i mikrofonskim ulazom je pogodna za upotrebu sa projekcijskim platnom, te izvorom video signala, tijekom spojenog mikrofona. Posjeduje dva gain potenciometra, jedan za balansirani linijski ulaz i jedan za mikrofonski ulaz. Omogućeno je istovremeno podešavanje glasnoće na oba ulaza.

The AMP20MK2 is a mini stereo power amplifier with a power rating of 2 x 15 Watt, that lends itself perfectly to small speaker systems requiring compact and economical audio solutions. It offers the ideal solution for applications such as class rooms, offices and meeting rooms where only a small amount of speakers are required. The compact size and very high efficiency makes it perfectly suited to be hidden in a closet, on a false ceiling or mounted under a desk or table. The combination of the stereo balanced line, with microphone input, makes it perfectly suited for applications where it should be used in combination with projection screens and video sources while a microphone is connected. Two gain potentiometers make it possible to control the sensitivity and balance between music and speech, while a switch allows bridging of the output channels to obtain one channel with merged output power. A remote wall mixer can be connected for applications where local mixing for the inputs is desirable, while large distances can be covered between the source and amplifier using simple CAT5 twisted pair cabling. The volume controller input allows connection of an additional wall controller for overall volume control. The Class-D amplifier technology, standby mode and included switching power supply makes this device compliant to the highest energy efficiency and environmental requirements.

A variety of optionally available mounting brackets for the AUDAC S-Box product range are allowing desk, closet or 19” equipment rack installation.

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