Zvučnik Audac BASO18-W

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Zvučnik Audac BASO18-W, univerzalno primjenjivi subwoofer koji je dizajniran tako da istovremeno pruža kompaktnost, a pritom donosi maksimalne perfomanse s obzirom na kvalitetu zvuka, te zvučni tlak. Koristi 18" bas jedinicu (45,72 cm) sa 4 " zavojnicom. Također zvučnik pruža linearnost reprodukcije s visokom učinkovitosti, te iznimno široki frekvencijski raspon.

The BASO cabinets are universally useable passive bass cabinets. Their bass reflex design is engineered to be as compact as possible while giving the maximum performance in terms of sound quality and pressure. Their enclosures are crafted out of sturdy high-quality plywood while their elegant design enables them to be placed in any environment. The BASO18 is loaded with a 18” high-performance woofer constructed using a woven carbon speaker cone which exceptional strength and light weight of the results in drastically reducing the break-up, thus ensuring a high level of efficiency and excellent transient response. It has a Max power handling of 1800 Watt, with an RMS rating of 900 Watt. The strength of this loudspeaker originates from a 4” voice coil which is allowed to extra long excursions. Displacements are precisely controlled by the dual low-loss suspension resulting in a superior linear behaviour. These carefully selected high-grade materials in collaboration with accurate acoustical craftsmanship results in an impressive combination of punch and low frequency extension without compromises. The highly efficient design results in a sensitivity of 96 dB with a capability of continuous sound pressure production up to 129 dB. The frequency response ranges from 32 Hz up to 300 Hz while going down to 30 Hz at -10 dB. The enclosure is compact designed without any sacrifice to robustness due to the 18 mm high-quality plywood material finished with structured coating. The integrated carry handles and possibility to add an optional 35 mm pole adapter improve its mobility. Connections are made using two speakon compatible connectors located in a recessed connector dish, allowing link-through to other cabinets. This also allows close placement to any wall or corner.

 Proizvođač Audac
 Tip Subwoofer
 Snaga 1800 W, 900 W (RMS)
 Odabir snaga -
 Osjetljivost 96 dB (1W/1m)
 Frek. raspon 32 Hz - 300 Hz (±3 dB)
 Broj zvučnika 1
 Dimenzije                            520x610x525 mm  
 Težina 38 Kg  
 Jamstvo (-)  
Redovna cijena
Cijena bez PDV: 5.891,00 Kn
Cijena sa PDV: 7.363,75 Kn
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