Kabel Procab PRA701-1.5
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Kabel Procab PRA701-1.5
Kabel Procab PRA701-1.5
These PROCAB prime series cables are designed for high demanding professional applications where High connectivity and durability are desired, so that even after years of use in the hardest environments these cables will still excel in their reliability.
Composed using the PSG124 UltraFlex™ cable this cable is guaranteed to remain straight and flat no matter how it’s treated, making it ideal for on stage use. The PVC outer jacket provides a flexible but solid feel while making it able to withstand an extreme amount of bending cycles.
The male PROCAB PRIME RCA connector (PCR2M) ensures high connectivity thanks to its durable gold contacts. This, in combination with its scratch resistant black shell makes this connector excellent for high demanding professional use. Both connectors are provided with a red or white colored ring to easily define the audio channel.
The male XLR connector (NC3MXX-BAG) from Neutrik is the worldwide accepted standard for XLR connectors, manufactured with a black chrome plated Zinc diecast shell housing durable silver contacts providing the highest possible contact integrity for many years to come. The perfected chuck type strain relief provides higher pull out force while offering fast and easy assembling.

 Proizvođač Procab
 Tip Signalni kabel
 Duljina 1.5 m
 Konektori 2 x XLR muški - 2 x RCA/Cinch muški
 Dimenzije        -  
 Težina -  
 Jamstvo 3 godine  
Redovna cijena
Cijena bez PDV: 28,67 EUR
Cijena sa PDV: 35,84 EUR
270,02 HRK
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