Kabel Procab PRA901-0.5
Šifra proizvoda: 47002, stanje skladišta: na upit
Kabel Procab PRA901-0.5
Kabel Procab PRA901-0.5

The PRA901 is a high-quality microphone cable constructed using the ultra flexible PMC224 cable and fitted with Neutrik NC3MXX-BAG and NC3FXX-BAG (Silver contacts, black metal XLR housing) connectors. The 24 AWG (0.22 mm2) thin & dense stranded bare copper conductors are surrounded by a high coverage spiral shielding. In combination with the thick and soft PVC outer jacket, this provides a flexible but solid feel. The high-purity copper, high-coverage shielding and low capacitance guarantee an optimal signal transmission. The attached shrink sleeve allows custom labeling for easy identification. It comes in different lengths from 0.5 meters to 20 meters, providing solutions for all applications.

 Proizvođač Procab
 Tip Signalni kabel
 Duljina 0.5 m
 Konektori XLR muški - XLR žensk
 Dimenzije        -  
 Težina 0,1 Kg  
 Jamstvo 24 mjeseca  
Redovna cijena
Cijena bez PDV: 18,85 EUR
Cijena sa PDV: 23,56 EUR
177,53 HRK
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