Media player i snimač Audac MMP40
Šifra proizvoda: 36065, stanje skladišta: na lageru
Media player i snimač Audac MMP 40, profesionalni media player sa jedinstvenom SourceCon modularnom tehnologijom koja omogućuje plug & play implementaciju na bilo koji kompatibilni uređaj. Podržava reprodukciju sa USB diska, reprodukciju audio formata : MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA i WAV, te snimanje u slijedećim audio formatima MP3, OGG i WAV. Posjeduje balansirani stereo linijski izlaz (za reprodukciju), te balansirani stereo linijski ulaz (za snimanje).

The MMP40 is a professional media player & recorder featuring SourceCon™ modular technology. This unique technology guarantees true plug & play implementation to any compatible device. When inserted to a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered and ready for operation without requiring any additional internal wiring or complex configuration. The MMP40 supports media playback from USB storage drives for a wide variation of compressed and lossless audio formats. Media playback for MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA and WAV filetypes are possible, while recordings can be made in MP3, OGG and WAV filetypes. All media information such as track, artist, playback mode, ... including even graphical album covers can be retrieved from the MMP40, allowing displaying it on the controlling device or software interface. Both the balanced stereo line output (playback) and the balanced stereo line input (recording) are implemented on its panel, using two 3-pin terminal block connections.

Težina proizvoda: 0,075 Kg
Dimenzije: 87x34,5x114 mm
Jamstvo: 3 godine

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