Mrežno pojačalo Bluesound B170S
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  1. Stereo network music replay
  2. Integration with local network content storage
  3. Integration with many streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, etc.
  4. Integration with a wide variety of internet radio platforms
  5. PC/Mac, iOS/Android and third-party control
  6. Support of hi-res audio up to 192kHz/24 bit
  7. Support of MQA content

Networked streaming stereo amplifier is a complete solution for a commercial music installation. The B170S combines a high-quality stereo low impedance and constant voltage amplifier with a BluOS enabled network music player. The B170S’s amplifier section provides 2 x 80W of power into 4/8Ω or 2 x 100W at 70V or 1 x 100W at 100V. This provides plenty of power for most small/medium spaces and thermostatic fan cooling provides for reliable operation in commercial environments. The amplifier technology is highly energy efficient and also has a standby mode consuming only 6W of power. The addition of constant voltage outputs allows for long chains of small speakers to be powered with variable power tapping at each speaker giving control of local volume.
The form factor of the B170S allows it to be mounted individually vertically or horizontally on or under shelves or tables or on walls. Up to six B170S units can be mounted side-by-side in a 3U space in a rack using the optional RM160 rack mounting shelf for a compact 12-channel system with six independent or grouped zones.

 Proizvođač Bluesound
 Tip mrežno pojačalo i reproduktor
 Izlazna snaga 2x80W (4/8Ω), 1x 100W (100V)
 Izlazna impedancija 4/8Ω i 100V
 Raspon frekvencija 32 - 192kHz
 Broj zona 1
 Ulazi 2x USB-A, 1x RJ45, Mic/Line balansirani ulaz
 Izlazi 1x Analogni audio (phoenix), 1x Subwoofer
 Napajanje AC 220V
 Dimenzije        238x46x146 mm  
 Težina 1,6 Kg  
 Jamstvo 24 mjeseca  

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