Programabilni audio reproduktor InOut NP-2
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NP-2 is an amplified audio player that simplifies the creation of interactive projects, didactic pathways, informative totems for exhibitions, musical scenarios, commercial spaces, relax areas and many more.
Standard DIN clamp housing means that it can be used with different automation systems: PLC, industrial computers, touch screen operated terminals, automatic distributors, commercial promotion systems and various uses on switchboards.

Interactive audio player with microSD card slot;
Class D Amplifier mono 15W;
8 individually configurable logic ports, both as inputs (for sequential playback of audio files) for switches or touch-sensor, or as outputs for external relay activation;
Ethernet LAN 10/100 port for I/O configuration, event schedule, track selection and control remote by 3rd parts systems;
RS485 serial port for optional remote control;
Audio Mixer for external stereo source.

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SHEMA-Programabilni audio reproduktor InOut NP-2
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