Mikrofon Mipro ACT-500H
Šifra proizvoda: 49368, stanje skladišta: na upit
Aesthetically designed in special fog black color metal housing features the most comfortable handheld size and presents ultra-low handling noise and a luxurious professional appearance.
The unique metal grille of the capsule module can be divided into the upper and lower grille. The upper grille can be detached for cleaning; the lower grille is connected with the housing by an external thread. The robust metal grille protects the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise, and ensures clarity of sound.
The patented power switch module integrates mute, mode and set buttons, and LCD for convenience to operate.
The patented battery compartment can be inserted with two AA-type batteries or one rechargeable Li-ion battery, charging via USB Type-C with the foolproof and safe charging circuit.
In addition to the power switch and the mute button, functions such as input sensitivity, low frequency reduction, volume limit, power output and mute mode are also programmable.
5 switchable gain levels with input sensitivity preset to equal the sensitivity of the microphone capsule at 0 dB.
The world’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the receiver.
A color-coded channel identification ring is put on the end of the housing. A high efficiency wideband transmitting antenna and USB Type-C charging socket built in a patented antenna cover on the bottom of the housing.
Pairs with all MIPRO’s new interchangeable microphone modules featuring high dynamic range for loud singing without distortion. Also accepts some other brands’ microphone modules with similar specifications.

 Proizvođač Mipro
 Tip True Diversity
 Broj kanala 1
 Broj nosećih frekvencija 24MHz
 Osjetljivost +6dB, 0dB, -6dB, -12dB, -18dB
 Stabilnost mikrofona +/- 0.005% (-10/50C)
 Frekv. odaziv 50Hz - 18 kHz
 Izlazi/Ulazi -
 Dimenzije        50x50x250 mm  
 Težina 0,035 Kg  
 Jamstvo 12 mjeseci  
Redovna cijena
Cijena bez PDV: 180,00 EUR
Cijena sa PDV: 225,00 EUR
1.695,26 HRK
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