Mikrofonski kabel Procab PMI224-1m
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Mikrofonski kabel Procab PMI224-1m
Mikrofonski kabel Procab PMI224-1m
PMI224 is a high-quality microphone cable with a highly flexible outer jacket. This cable is made rigid, which allows you to roll it up, even at longer lengths effortlessly. Two 24 AWG (0.22 mm²) conductors consisting of 12 copper strands with 0.15 mm thickness are surrounded by an 80-strand braided copper shielding with superior coverage. Combined with the thick and soft PVC outer jacket, this provides a flexible but solid feel while allowing it to withstand an extreme amount of bending cycles. Optimal signal transmission is guaranteed due to the low capacitance and use of high-purity copper, while the high-coverage shielding provides excellent immunity against interference. These features make the PMI224 perfect for use in professional stage & studio applications
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