Upravljački panel Bluesound CP100
Šifra proizvoda: 48651, stanje skladišta: na upit
  1. Sleek, low-profile design
  2. Illuminated controls for ease of use in any environment
  3. Glass surface to allow for easy cleaning
  4. Control of volume and play/pause/mute
  5. Recall of 5 programmable presets
  6. RJ45 connection and PoE powering for ease of installation
  7. Compatible with wide variety of international lighting/electrical back-boxes

low profile wall-mount control panel for all Bluesound Professional players. It features sleek design with a glass control panel with illuminated touch sensitive controls. It is possible to recall presets, pause music/mute and adjust volume in the zone that the panel is controlling. The CP100 is designed to fit flush to the wall or mounted in a large variety of international back-boxes for ease of installation. The control panel controls illuminate as needed, and the control can be locked to protect against unintended or unauthorized use.
Težina proizvoda: 0,1 Kg
Dimenzije: 135x22,5x135 mm
Jamstvo: 24 mjeseca

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